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Bowles Farming History

Bowles Farming Company was founded in 1965 by brothers George and Henry Bowles, and their sister, Amy Bowles Lawrence. Amy Bowles Lawrence died in 1967 leaving four children, and Henry Bowles died in 1981, leaving three children. The company is now owned by members of the Bowles and Lawrence families.

The three founding stockholders’ great-grandfather, Henry Miller, founded Bowles Farming’s predecessor, Miller & Lux, Inc., in 1858.

Miller & Lux, Inc. ceased active operations in 1967.  The original business of the company was livestock, but it expanded into farming, meat processing, water, and related activities.

At one time, Miller & Lux owned more than one million acres in California, Nevada, and Oregon. During and after the Great Depression, most of this property was sold. Two related families, the Nickels and the Bowles, had owned the company equally. When the company was dissolved, the Nickel family started several operations, now known collectively as Nickel Family, LLC.

Today, six generations of family members have worked in the business. The Company’s headquarters now reside on a ranch in Los Banos and a small office in San Francisco.

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March 4, 2015


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