Bowles exclusively farms Pimacott ELS Cotton luxury cotton
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Bowles Farming Company Proudly Produces The World's Only Verified Pima Cotton

Pimacott ELS Cotton

Bowles Farm Cotton

What is ELS Cotton?


California is uniquely suited to produce cotton of the highest quality in the world. This specialty cotton is known as Pima or Extra Long Staple (ELS) and is used to create some of the finest sheets and garments in the world. At Bowles Farming Company, we exclusively produce ELS Pima cotton and are on the forefront of creating a verification process to guarantee our exquisite product.

Because California cotton sells for a much higher price than other cottons in the world, this has led some mills to blend in other lower quality cottons in order to improve their profit margins. While these products are labeled as pure “Pima” or “ELS” cotton, the truth is that many are not what they claim.


ELS Cotton

Introducing… PIMACOTT

The world’s first verifiable DNA-tracked Pima cotton

Using state-of-the-art DNA technology, we are now able to effectively mark our cotton so that we can trace it through the supply chain and verify the end product’s integrity. This is a revolutionary concept and it ensures the consumer that they are purchasing a pure product from farmers who take care and pride in what they do. Below are the three major components of our verified Pimacott ELS cotton. Click here for more info on Pimacott.

The Science

Using biotechnology as a forensic foundation, Applied DNA Sciences creates unique security solutions addressing the challenges of modern commerce. Whether working in supply chain security, brand protection or law enforcement applications, it’s the goal of Applied DNA Sciences to help establish secure and flourishing environments that foster quality, integrity and success.

SigNature® T DNA

SigNature® T DNA is based on full, double-stranded plant DNA, with all the stunning accuracy provided by nature. We do not use single-stranded, “synthetic” DNA. The mark will not wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths. Results are not obscured by false positives. We are not just a warning sticker on a door: SigNature® T DNA technology enforces deterrent value with real, proven results.

The Bowles Promise

Our cotton fiber is tagged at the source using cutting edge bio-technology, allowing us to proudly state our product is comprised of extra long staple pima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Pimacott is the world’s only pima cotton that is verified pima from crop to consumer through a revolutionary DNA tracking system and is used exclusively by Bowles Farming Company.

Bowles Farming Company

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