Bowles Farming Company offers California grown foods
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California Grown Foods

Bowles Farming Company celebrates over six generations of California agriculture

California Grown Foods & Water Usage


As human beings, we are the ultimate consumers of water. We are each made up of over 50% of water and from the moment we get dressed in the morning to every meal throughout the day, we rely heavily on products produced by farmers – products that take water to grow. Even though we use and consume and great deal every day, many have seemingly forgotten that we benefit from farmer’s work every single day.

We must think about where we our food and essential fibers, like cotton, are produced because it really does matter.

Did you know that California farmers are held to the highest production standards in the world? From mandated protections for our workers and the environment to enforceable penalties if rules are not followed, California farm production is very different than anywhere else in the world.

When you buy California grown foods and products, you can be certain that they were produced with ethical and environmental standards of the highest level.

Bowles Farming Company Proudly Harvests:
Bowles Farm ELS Cotton


Bowles Farming Company proudly produces the world’s only verified pima cotton, Pimacott.

Harvesting Tomatoes in California


Located in beautiful Los Banos, California, we grow both processing tomatoes and fresh market tomatoes.

Almond Small


90% of ALL almonds in the world come from California; this includes 98.5% of all almonds in the U.S.

Bowles Farming Company

Six Generations of Sustainable Agriculture & Family Farming